Frequently asked questions

What do i do if i want a print designing by you?

Simple! The shop now has a 'custom print' option. Just follow the instructions and input the necessary details and size. We will do the rest! - Just ensure you have included your email or social media handle for us to get in touch with you, to make sure you're 100% happy.

How do you take payments?

Our shop is linked up to Paypal, this is to ensure the payment is secure and our customers have the piece of mind!

Do you just do prints?

No! Prints are just one third of our business. We also have Wedding Stationery, and business logo/designs. Further details are under the headings at the top.

What are the prints printed on?

All of our prints are printed onto 300 matte card. This is to ensure all of our prints are of good quality, and look great in those frames!


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